Pressure Wounds Are On the Rise Due to COVID

Do you need a helping hand?

WoundLogix specializes in wound healing and wound prevention for patients located in the central west coast of Florida (Sarasota through Hillsborough Counties). Nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals (especially ICUs) have already seen a significant rise in pressure injuries and wounds as a result of increased patient confinement due to COVID mitigation and diminished activity levels. For instance, at one facility, open wounds have recently gone from only #5 to over #16 in just six weeks.

Don’t allow an increased number of pressure injuries and wounds to overwhelm your staff - during this COVID-19 mitigation period as well as after the crisis has abated. 

Over the last six months I have discovered that HHS/CMS is correct in stating the way to treat a wound is to prevent it in the first place. There are a myriad of revolutionary products on the market currently but nutrition, barrier protection and skin rejuvenation remain the main focus of treatment. Litigation has never been higher with respect to pressure injuries. Don’t get caught up in this cycle.

Get a Complimentary Consultation on How to Prevent Pressure Injuries

There is no cost to a facility for consultations on how to prevent pressure injuries and having improved documentation is the hallmark of avoiding litigation. Very few patients today are having pressure injury prevention consults. This is a paradigm shift. Get onboard. It costs you nothing! We make every attempt to work with the inventory of supplies you have currently, if we see a change s needed we suggest the products we believe will be beneficial. You obtain them, we do not sell ANYTHING! We provide a service that is fee for service invoiced.

We know all too well how hard it can be to bring a new change in care directives, especially during this period of mitigation and patient confinement created by COVID-19. That’s why WoundLogix has teamed up with skilled staff to perform consultations and intense chart review complete with a nutritional assessment to better document the patient’s current state of health with respect to pressure injury prevention and even healing concurrent wounds being treated by a Wound Care Service. We work with your wound care team, not in competition, with MBET Health to bring forward a new paradigm in wound care. Our wound specialists are well-versed in teaching the proper application technique and the daily maintenance of the Miracle Dressing. Our educators will ensure you have positive results and outcomes right from the very beginning.

There is no better way to achieve the new wound metrics required by HHS than by raising the bar on prevention of pressure injuries and wounds now!

We look forward to being of assistance at no cost to your facility.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. John Armstrong, DO Medical Director

WoundLogix, Inc.